ASCIT Social Calendar 2023-24

While houses throw a significant portion of the social events during the year, ASCIT throws events open to the entire student body every term. We’ve listed an overview of the events that we both host and help out with, often with our advisor, Tom Mannion, the Senior Director of Student Activities and Alumni Engagement.  A number of events are also held by the academic branch of ASCIT, the Academics and Research Committee (ARC), but also has numerous ways to connect with professors in more social contexts. 

First Term


  • Orientation Reception: A new program this year, but a way for first-years to be introduced to the student government! Both first-years and upperclassmen on campus were invited to meet ASCIT and eat food as prepared with the help of Tom
  • Techfest: Hosted by Tom Mannion/Student Affairs and ASCIT, it marks both the end of rotation and the start of the school year. Plenty of food for everyone, this year is a cultural tour of LA! 


  • Student-Faculty Games: An event held every term and sponsored by ARC. Students and faculty get together every term to play a pickup game of one sport and have smoothies! A great way to connect with profs outside of the class environment and have fun. 
  • Halloween Celebration: The past couple years have included a Halloween photoshoot and decorations on the Olive Walk. We plan on doing a trick-or-treat around campus this year!


  • Student Faculty Lunches: An event held every term and sponsored by ARC. Students can have lunch with one of several faculty members! Professors range from all departments on campus. This is a great way to learn about their research and network
  • Option Advising: Held every term and sponsored by ARC, underclassmen can get advice from upperclassmen to help decide which option to pursue and which classes to take.
  • ASCIT Movie Night: Exactly what it sounds like! We host a movie screening with snacks and good vibes :)


  • Midnight Donuts: the first of the year, a termly tradition with plenty of donuts (with vegan and gluten-free options) for all undergraduates. 

Second Term


  • Student Faculty Games


  • Student Faculty Lunches
  • Option Advising
  • ASCIT Movie Night


  • Pi Day: Come out at midnight to enjoy pies! A number of campus organizations and departments will be throwing events, this is just one of many
  • Midnight Donuts, second term

Third Term


  • ASCIT Formal: The biggest (ASCIT-sponsored) event of the year, Formal! ASCIT rents out an off-campus venue for over 400 undergraduates to dress up, eat food, and dance.
  • Multicultural Fashion Show: Working with the cultural organizations/clubs on campus, we showcase different clothes, dance, and music representing all the cultures at Caltech! 
  • Spring Elections: save for IHC Chair, elections and turnover for all positions happens at the end of the month 


  • Student Faculty Lunches
  • Option Advising
  • Surprise! We’re working on putting together a new event this year, more details will come out soon :)


  • Last Midnight Donuts: the last ASCIT event for the year and one of the first to be held by the new Board of Directors!