Commencement is Expensive

For many first generation college students and their families, college graduation is a celebration of innumerable sacrifices and hard work. However, if you happen to be first generation and low income (FGLI) graduation and the celebrations that come with it can be downright unattainable. Regalia starts around $100 if you buy it new. To celebrate with your family at the Senior Banquet, it costs each family member a whopping $85, and the Commencement Office does not have a fund to help students celebrate this major accomplishment with their families, who are often the ones that have sacrificed in order for their children to get here. In the next issue of The Tech, I’ll dig more into the high cost of graduation and the ensuing celebrations, including thoughts from students and the Commencement Office. Stay tuned, and feel free to contact me if you want to share any similar experiences.