Spring Interhou/vse Spotlight

Lloyd Interhouse

Let’s-a go! Lloydiokart took off full-throttle for their first full interhouse since COVID on April 8 from 10pm-2am. Calling upon their talented Lloydies, students danced through four different DJ shifts. We heard from one of the DJs themselves, Sagan Russ (Lloyd/Avery ‘25, BioE), “The Lloyd DJs all put a lot of effort into curating a variety of songs to get the crowd hyped. Our set even included some Mario-themed remixes to incorporate the theme into the music,” she had mixed together Mario Kart sound effects with songs like “Gas Pedal” and “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

“Also, shoutout to all of the Lloyd frosh who put countless hours into building this party. They spent many sleepless nights working on it and it shows, as they did a phenomenal job!”

The L-shaped platform featured gorgeous art straight from the video game surrounding the famous pole, a well-known staple at all Lloyd Interhouses. In a never before seen collaboration, Lloyd banded together with CDS to set up their DJ booth, using the giant boombox that was set up at the previous CDS Midnight Madness to light up the night.

As always, the amount of effort students put into this one night event shines through in the food spread. Stars of the show included Adele Basturk’s (Lloyd ‘25, Physics) homemade four-tiered, four-flavor cake, as well as fried mushrooms, much to the dismay of the numerous Toads that showed up that night. 

Great job Lloyd House!


After many theme iterations and a false start during first term, the very first BDR (Blacker, Dabney, Ricketts) party finally happened after five years of hiatus! 

On April 29 at 10 pm, people poured in from all corners of the campus to explore the caves and crystals set in Ricketts dining hall and lounge.

Huge congrats to the party organizers, Lily Coffin (Ricketts ‘24, MechE) and Cristian Ponce (Blacker ‘25, BioE) for gathering decorators and getting this party going, especially after settling on a date that got canceled due to conflict with ASCIT’s Winter Formal, which then also got canceled by administrators. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Fleming House was not the theme. Although the three houses had settled on Fleming (the theme), it was struck down by the events committee made up of a group of administrators headed by Erica Crawford and Felicia Hunt. It was undetermined whether or not Fleming House itself was okay with the theme, but BDR decided to go with the second crowd-favorite, a Minecraft-inspired Crystals and Caverns party theme. Decorations featured Ponce’s favorite: a dropped ceiling (a popular South House technique) to resemble an enclosed cave and numerous spray-painted stalactites and blinking blue LEDS along the black tarp. UV-painted fossils crawled along the black paper-covered walls in the dining hall with strobing lights emanating from the DJ booth that hid a bubble machine under a waterfall. 

Dabney took care of the food and wiped the plate with creativity as they served crystal rock candy, gem-colored meringue, and rock candy.

Ponce stated how nice it was to get to know the other Houses’ social teams and put on something for the whole school. Perhaps this is a sign we should have more co-house events?

Highlight of the party was Ricketts’ very own professional DJ, Ramzi Saber (Ricketts ‘25, Astrophysics), taking the crowd through numerous EDM songs and crowd-favorites like “Mr. Brightside”.  

Cheers to a continued tradition!

Blacker Interhouse

Driven by our hard-working frosh, moles could be seen running around with drills and frosted cookies up until the very last minute on Saturday, May 13. Bringing back the theme of Mad Max: Fury Road, moles decided on what was supposed to be Blacker’s COVID Interhouse, canceled due to COVID. There were a few bumps along the way in constructing the platform, but Blacker pulled through and partied through the night with only four noise complaints (all coming from the same house). The platform welcomed students with a grand staircase up to a surveying platform that surrounded the lower dance floor. Led by work frosh Steven Lei and Alexis Herfurth, an extremely dedicated but overworked team of moles constructed the enormous platform overlooked by the DJ booth. 

Featuring a very impressive, grand spread food assembled by lead Food Frosh Mars, students feasted on car-shaped waffles, pudding, Mother’s Milk cookies, and artfully frosted cupcakes. 

Art Frosh Anya Mischel directed her largest project to date, an impressive 16 by 24 foot canvas mural of numerous modified war rig cars driving through a desert, spanning the entire back wall of Blacker Lounge as is tradition (temporarily covering the famous Stephen Hawking-acclaimed explosion mural). 

With music ranging from Pitbull to My Chemical Romance, Blacker Interhouse ended the night with its traditional “Closing Time” with everyone linked together in a circle on the dance floor.

Vapegate: Fleming Interhouse

Caltech geared up for its very last Interhouse held in Fleming under paper lanterns and soaring lights in a bioluminescent fish party (BFP) on May 20.

The party started off slowly but quickly picked up the pace. Soon, mosh pits were springing up on the packed dance floor. Ground blacklights lit up the dance which was surrounded by speakers, allowing students to be surrounded by the music. A backdrop of beautiful murals of sharks and sea stars provided ocean ambience behind the surrounding platforms. 

General consensus of the music? “They had EDM, rap, Spanish music, and your basic b***h party music”. 

A few hours in, mysterious clouds of smoke arose from the crowd with increasing frequency, which only became a problem when the music kept getting shut down in order to announce that if there was any more vaping, Fleming Interhouse would get shut down. After a couple starts and stops, one last puff was all it took to blow the house down. The party finally ended up getting shut down 10 minutes before 2 am.