Review: Arturo’s Taco Truck

Review: Arturo’s Taco Truck

Where do you go when you’re hungry and it’s 2 am on a Friday? Well, if you ask me, it’s Arturo’s taco truck. A bit over a mile away in a parking lot near Huntington Hospital, Arturo’s Taco Truck is an unofficial Pasadena staple. I’ve been going there almost every week for my fourth meal whenever I’m pulling late nights. Their meats are just as good as any other taco place I’ve been to and their tortillas are top-notch. That said, they’ve had a couple of changes over the past year, getting a new truck, changing the burrito guy, and getting new side options (beans, radishes, grilled onions, and chilies). Nevertheless, they are hands-down the best place open late in Pasadena. If you go there, be sure to tell Kevin I sent you.

What’s good? You can’t go wrong with tacos, LA’s specialty, but everything is good here; go for carne asada, al pastor, pollo, or buche if you’re feeling experiment-y. Personally, I like the al pastor burrito with some guacamole and hot salsa. And don’t forget to get the grilled onions and chilies on the side!

What’s not? CASH ONLY! What are they, Europeans?

Where? 400 Fair Oaks Ave. Run a mile west and you’ll get there.

Vibe? Chill food truck vibes. Nice parking lot. Depending on the hour, you might catch healthcare workers coming off work down the road, post-party crowds, or even an impromptu bagpipe performance.

How much? $2.50 for a taco. $9.75 for a burrito. Normal taco truck pricing (for California).

Notes? Get the grilled onions for the tacos. Also, prices include taxes! Maybe they are European…