Songs to Beat the Arcade Racing Game High Score To

I guess I should start with a formal apology. I tried. I really did! But despite my best efforts to not cave into the demons telling me to go down the EDM/techno/house rabbit hole, here we are. But in all honesty, I feel like it’s pretty fitting. I’m out here trying to emulate “living in a video game” vibes, and it’s hard to find anything more effective than EDM to accomplish this. That being said, the first few songs are more alternative, but pretty quickly I descended into madness and the EDM demons won. But it’s ok, because if you channel your inner demons to this playlist, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll beat the high score for the NASCAR simulator game at your local arcade.

  1. Tokyo Drifting - Glass Animals
  2. Sail Away - courtship.
  3. I must apologize - PinkPantheress
  4. You & Me (feat. ELIZA) - Flume
  5. Shiner - Indian Summer
  6. Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
  7. COLMILLO (feat. Jowell & Randy) - Tainy, J. Balvin & Young Miko
  8. Unholy (ACRAZE Remix) - Sam Smith & Kim Petras
  9. Magents (feat. Lorde) [A-Trak Remix]
  10. All the things she said - Robin Schulz
  11. Electric Feel (Dallask Remix)
  12. Teka - DJ Snake & Peso Pluma
  13. BANG YOUR HEAD - Diesel
  14. Leavemealone - Fred again.. & Baby Keem
  15. Blow (Cirkut Remix) - Kesha

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Hot takes from the passenger princess:

Sail Away is genuinely one of the vibiest songs to ever exist. Sure, it may not have the fastest tempo or infinite bpm, but it sure as hell is cruiseable if you know what I mean. I decided that it would have been an injustice not to include it on the playlist, so I hope you appreciate it as much as I do even if it’s a little out of place.

Originally, this playlist was going to be “Songs to Go Drifting through the Canyon to” in reference to the drive from Caltech to Malibu because it’s such a pretty, fun drive (and if I had a sports car and no fear of speeding tickets, I would definitely attempt some questionable driving there). One of the songs I originally intended for the playlist was Magnets because of its reference to Mulholland Drive (which is accessible from the canyon). Naturally, not wanting to leave a great song off the list, I found a remix and threw it on.

Diesel is Shaquille O’Neal. Need I say more?

Hopefully, there are enough of you out there to enjoy the EDM side of life; the rest of you can just try your best to get the vibes. I’m also not gonna lie, good video game music = good study music, so take that for what you will!

Vroom vroom,

The new kid at the arcade