Songs to Get Murdered To

Get excited folks, there’s a new cowboy in Tech Town, and he’s here to bring you playlists. Moving forward, every edition of the Tech will have a themed playlist for your auditory pleasure, starting with the seasonally appropriate theme of “Songs to get Murdered To” (we <3 midterms week). That being said, you can listen to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music with the respective QR code. “Songs to Get Murdered To” contains the following bangers, bops, and hits:

  1. How Do You Feel - The Maine
  2. Stressed Out - Rex Orange County
  3. Afraid - The Neighborhood
  4. Shook - Cautious Clay
  5. Batshit - Dominic Fike
  6. Spite - Omar Apollo
  7. Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
  8. I feel bad - blackbear
  9. Why do you feel so down? - Declan McKenna
  10. hell of a week - lovelytheband
  11. Violence to the Spirit - Sundara Karma
  12. We’re f******, it’s fine - Jeremy Zucker
  13. I’m So Tired - Troye Sivan & Lauv
  14. Insomnia - The Moss
  15. I Hate it Here - Taylor Swift

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Hot takes from the creator:

Alright kids, none of you asked, but here are my unsolicited opinions on some of the particularly noteworthy songs in this playlist.

Midterms week or not, How Do You Feel? always hits. The Maine is one of my personal favorite bands, and the longevity of their ability to put out diverse, yet high quality music is impressive. How Do You Feel? Is a great example of this, coming off their 2017 album, which was released 10 years after the band’s forming in 2007.

Next, I just want to take a second to recognize the fact that Omar Apollo struck gold with his latest single, Spite. In my head cannon it doesn’t matter how many years it’s been, every Omar Apollo song is about Frank Ocean, which makes every Omar Apollo song 20x better, Spite included.

We’re f*****, it’s fine may just be one of the most underrated songs in my library. It’s definitely a different vibe from most songs, but in case you haven’t listened to the playlist yet, I’ll just tell you: this playlist has no congruence outside of titles. Usually, I’m the type to spend hours crafting a very specific amalgamation of vibes for a playlist, but with midterms coming up, I saw an opportunity to run a bit and had to take it. That being said, this indie interlude is exactly the type of thing you can dissociate to while lying on the ground after finishing your last midterm. It’s also probably the exact amount of time that your peace of mind will last before you realize that you have a set due in two days. I hope you enjoy your minute and 44 seconds of bliss and serenity.

Lastly, I’m beyond letting Taylor Swift speak for herself. Let her speak for us all when she says I Hate it Here.

Whether or not you like Songs to Get Murdered to, I hope you can at least appreciate their titles enough to check out the next edition of Songs to do Something To.


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