Turtle Club Mascot Announcement

Dear members of the Caltech community,

We, the Caltech Turtle Club, write to you with a vision for change, a vision that will not only redefine our identity but also unite us in a symbol that truly embodies the spirit of Caltech. We are here to advocate for a bold and innovative shift — a shift from a beta beaver mascot to the terrific turtle!

Sign the petition here! All signatures will be added to the list below. Copy and paste this URL or click on it: https://forms.gle/NBeLYG25HzUoSaa8A

Why, you may ask, should we consider such a radical transformation?

🐢 Uniqueness: It’s time for Caltech to distinguish itself with a mascot that sets us apart. MIT may also boast the beaver, but we are Caltech — a beacon of originality and ingenuity. By embracing the turtle, we not only carve out our own identity but also symbolize our commitment to forging our own path in the world of academia and beyond.

🐢Shared Characteristics: Turtles symbolize longevity, wisdom, and adaptability — traits that resonate deeply with Caltech’s values of long-term commitment to investigate scientific questions and engineering challenges.

🐢Practicality: While beavers may be elusive on our campus, turtles are not. The Caltech Turtle Pond and the 100+ turtle inhabitants stand as a testament to our affinity for these remarkable creatures. What better way to honor their presence than by adopting the turtle as our official mascot?

🐢Student Engagement: Picture it — the turtle, proudly adorning our banner and merchandise. Imagine the cheers echoing across our campus as we rally behind our new symbol — a quirky, yet endearing addition to the Caltech experience.

In conclusion, my fellow members of the Caltech community, let us embrace change, let us embrace innovation, and let us embrace the turtle as our new mascot!

Thank you for your consideration.

Turtle on!

Caltech Turtle Club

Total signatures as of April 10, 2024: 195

Pie chart showing the proportions of signatures from different demographics. There are 9 alumni, 50 undergraduates, 24 staff, 3 research scientists, 9 postdocs, 77 graduate students, and 23 other.