The California Tech's MIT Prank: We're So Back.

Stack of Tech newspapers with headline reading “Tim the Beaver rescued by Coast Guard after nearly drowning”.

Imagine having a beaver as a mascot. Completely ridiculous.

Last week, in collaboration with Caltech’s Prank Fund and Senior Director of Student Activities Tom Mannion, the Tech flew a team of highly trained journalists and deliverypeople to Cambridge, MA to pull off Caltech’s first (successful) prank on our rival Institute of Technology in several years. The Admissions Office can finally start telling prospective students about our vibrant prank culture again, and not be lying!

For real though, we had a ton of fun working with the editors of MIT’s The Tech to orchestrate this two-campus April Fools’ extravaganza. Now it’s up to you, dear reader, to continue the prank war! ;-) PDFs of both prank newspapers, as well as more info on the Caltech Prank Fund, are available at