Unleash Your Inner Prankster with Caltech's Official Prank Club!

Hey Caltech! Ever wanted to mess with MIT, the city of LA, or the entire school but never knew how? Look no further than the Caltech Prank Club—pranking the Mid Institute of Technology since 1891! (probably)

What do we do?

Pranks! (Duh) Caltech has a long history of prank culture:

In recent years, pranking has unfortunately died down a bit, but we’re looking to revive that! Come bring glory back to Caltech pranking!!!! Look out for an email from us soon ;)

Here’s a fun little blurb bingo bongo:


Dive into a world where cunningness knows no bounds! The Caltech Prank Club is your ticket to a community of masterminds who transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our pranks are legendary, and our laughter is contagious. From harmless hijinks to mind-bending setups, we redefine the meaning of fun!


Break free from the lab, put down those textbooks, and join a society that values the art of creative chaos. Whether you’re a budding comedian, a prank prodigy, or just looking to add a spark of levity to your academic journey, we welcome minds of all mischief levels.


Expect the unexpected, because we thrive on pushing boundaries. Our pranks are crafted with precision, designed to leave a lasting impression on both campus and memory. Join us, and be part of the legacy that keeps Caltech a hub of intellect, innovation, and irreverent humor.

Ready to finally add a splash of laughter and some fun to your Caltech experience? Don’t miss out on the hilarity—join the Caltech Prank Club today! Because at Caltech, we believe in equations, experiments, and extraordinary pranks!

Join our discord server (caltech students only): Discord