Caltech Men’s Soccer Rising to the Top

The Caltech Men’s Soccer team has been having a groundbreaking season this year, displaying a level of excellence and resilience that has made the institute proud. Their prowess on the field has been nothing short of phenomenal, displaying a level of excellence and resilience that has resonated across the campus. Reaching a rank of 2nd in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC), their highest ranking in years, and with the impressive record they’ve managed to build, it’s no surprise why.

Having played 8 games so far, they boast 5 wins, 2 ties, and a solitary loss. Etienne Casanova (CS, ‘26, Fleming) and Ishaan Mantripragada (CS, ‘26, Fleming) have particularly shined, netting a total of 8 and 5 goals respectively, and leading the team’s offensive charge.

The season started on a high note. With Jack Myles (CS, ‘26, Fleming) setting the ball rolling, and Etienne Casanova providing the cushion with two more goals, the team gave a stellar performance.

Goalkeepers Julio Arroyo Ibarra (CS, ‘24, Fleming) and Sam Mathews (ACM, ‘27, Fleming) provided great defense, ensuring that the team’s lead remained secure. The journey continued with a thrilling game against Linfield where it was Rohan lyer’s (CS, ‘24, Fleming) game-winning goal that sealed the 3-2 victory for the Beavers. The team also showcased their resilience in matches against Lewis and Clark, Linfield, and Life Pacific, with players like Wilson Duan (CS, ‘26, Fleming), Andy Dimnaku (CS, ‘25, Fleming), and Jack Myles stepping up and making the difference.

But the winning streak did face a hurdle. In a heated battle against Hope International, Caltech found themselves trailing for the first time this season. However, showing determination, they bounced back with attacks from Rohan Iyer and Ishaan Mantripragada. The match against Hope International eventually ended in a draw, thanks to Mantripragada’s free-kick goal.

There was no letting up after that minor hiccup. Big wins against teams like Pomona and La Verne were testimony to the team’s desire to keep pushing. Jack Myles’ outstanding goal against Pomona-Pitzer and the combined efforts of Casanova and Mantripragada against La Verne stand out as highlights of the season.

The hard work isn’t just limited to match days. The team trains diligently 4 days a week, preparing relentlessly for the 2 game days. This balance of rest, training, and match play has surely contributed to their soaring success this season.

The Beavers’ success this season is a testament to their unwavering commitment, not just on the field but in the classroom as well. While the hard work isn’t limited to match days, their rigorous training schedule stands out. Balancing such commitment with Caltech’s demanding academic curriculum speaks volumes about their discipline and time-management skills. This determination has played a significant role in their rise in the SCIAC rankings compared to previous seasons.

The Caltech community has taken note of the team’s impressive rise. As the Beavers continue their remarkable run, there’s an unmistakable sense of anticipation on campus. Students and staff are rallying behind the team, excited to see how this memorable season unfolds. Hopes remain high for the Beavers to either maintain or surpass their current standing.