Interhouse Sports in Full Swing with the Conclusion of Interhouse Dodgeball

This past week marked the conclusion of one of Caltech’s many traditions: interhouse dodgeball. Interhouse sports have been a Caltech tradition for as long as records can show, dating back to at least the 1950s, if not earlier. And, as the first interhouse sport of the year, interhouse dodgeball is an excellent opportunity to integrate the freshly rotated first year students into this long standing interhouse and intrahouse culture, all of which is accomplished by pitting them against each other on the tennis courts.

Each house collects its members twice a week and heads down to athletics to play a best of three dodgeball competition. Some games are really just for fun while others become a head to head battle between houses to settle once and for all, or at least for this year, who the interhouse dodgeball champion will be. But regardless of the level of competition a given game may offer, interhouse dodgeball is one of many ways in which we keep the unique Caltech culture alive.

This year, our results are as follows:

Rank House Wins Points
1 Fleming 7 10
2 Lloyd 6 7
3 Page 3 6
3 Venerable 3 6
3 Avery 3 6
4 Blacker 2 3
5 Dabney 2 2
6 Ricketts 1 1

Fleming took the title of interhouse dodgeball champion for the fifth year in a row. Lloyd, losing only to Fleming, was right on their tails coming for the running title. Then, we had a three way tie between Page, Venerable, and Avery, each with 3 wins and no clear order in their individual games. Right below and both at two wins were Dabney and Blacker, broken by Blacker beating Dabney in their interhouse game. And lastly, Ricketts came in last with a singular win.

Overall, the Caltech houses started the interhouse games strong and we’ll see how these titles progress as we go into our next set of interhouse sports competitions: interhouse volleyball.