The CalAI Odyssey

Tik Tak… Tik Tak, it is almost 1 PM.

Lengthy queues of visitors inundated Caltech’s halls, eager to immerse themselves in Caltech’s scientific event “Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact”. The atmosphere in Beckman Auditorium crackled with anticipation as Caltech Science Exchange organized an evening where science seamlessly merged with the silver screen, igniting imaginations and sparking AI-focused conversations.

Moderated by Latif Nasser, co-host of Radiolab, this event provided a unique opportunity for its participants to learn from Professor Anima Anandkumar and Assistant Professor Georgia Gkioxari, as they discussed AI’s potential applications in scientific innovations and its current magnificent uses.

Beyond the auditorium’s doors, attendees engaged in dialogue with the panelists as they contemplated the AI-intensive frontiers awaiting the world.

“What I appreciated about this event is getting to know some exceptional Caltech faculty members and gaining insights into their perspectives on AI,” said incoming freshman Idil Turasi. “I support events that welcome non-Caltech attendees. My enthusiasm stems from Caltech’s position as a pioneering university on the global AI stage. It is of great significance to me to expose our faculty’s brilliant ideas to the public, as they stand to benefit from these exceptional learning experiences.”