SPECTRE’s famous ‘Anakin’ found in Flumpster, estimated $100 in damages

SPECTRE’s famous ‘Anakin’ found in Flumpster, estimated $100 in damages

SPECTRE library has long featured a life-sized mannequin of Anakin Skywalker. Short, remarkably detailed, and notoriously startling, Anakin is an iconic part of Caltech’s sci-fi library and well-known among South Hovse students. This past year, Anakin was used in Dabney’s interhouse party as a decoration in the fabric maze, and has played a key part in several hilarious pranks. (Mole frosh Nika can attest to that!)

As the soon-to-be-official librarian of SPECTRE, I’ve committed to the upkeep of the library. Between reshelving books and cleaning up trash, I spent hours this summer painstakingly repairing Anakin’s right arm and helmet to preserve the mannequin for future Techers. Imagine my horror this Saturday when a group of students found Anakin in the Flumpster, with three of his limbs detached and his helmet missing.

Anakin’s helmet will need to be entirely replaced, and his limbs reattached. On eBay, the price of a used pod racer helmet starts at $60, with new helmets priced at over $300. Sufficient superglue or foam glue, as well as sewing supplies, could easily bring repair costs up to $100.

Though the person or persons responsible for Anakin’s dumpstering are still at large, many students have been quick to point fingers at Housing staff, who have been known to dispose of other South Hovse property in this fashion. But seeing that Anakin has been present in SPECTRE for years without issue, it is clear Anakin is not trash. Well-established common property, whether they be books, computers, or odd child-sized mannequins, should not be removed without consulting student leaders. This is especially true for SPECTRE library, which contains signed books, historic records, and common equipment (such as DnD props) that are difficult or impossible to replace, or more expensive than they appear.

I’m saddened and disappointed by this incident, which nearly cost us an iconic part of the South Hovses. I urge all members of the Caltech community to remember to treat each other with respect and consideration.

Due to the time required for repairs, it will deprive this year’s incoming prefrosh of the opportunity to experience SPECTRE the way it was meant to be seen – with a mannequin jumpscare.