Letter to the Editor: Bread

Dear Editor,

This issue contains a review of several so called “tasty” food options on campus. While I cannot speak to most of them as my pallet tends towards the cautious and new things frighten and scare me, one item mentioned made me extremely opinionated.

The article gives an honorable mention to two different garlic breads, the garlic bread from red door and the garlic bread from house dinner. I pride myself as a garlic bread aficionado and I am not sure either garlic bread deserve this honor.

Lets start with the garlic bread from house dinner. It varies widely in quality and comes in two flavors, the first is a classic dinner roll seemingly lathered in a butter garlic sauce. This variety is generally tasty although the experience of the garlic outside the crust of the roll is rather odd and sometimes it is extremely saturated with oils. The second variety is sliced pieces of garlic bread. I have yet to have a good experience with these. The garlic flavor is not good and the texture is bad. In addition, I have never experienced this variety warm. Mayhaps it would taste better if it scorched my taste buds off first.

Then comes the red door garlic bread. I have fewer objections to this as it it my classic go-to snack from red door. It is only unfortunate that I cannot get more than 2 pieces at a time. The flavor also oscillates wildly between extremely garlic-y and that of a bread that once dreamt of garlic. While I personally will take as much garlic as possible, I do concede that on average the red door garlic bread is deserving of an honorable mention.