Student Faculty Conference Next Week on 4/18

For the first time in four years, the 2023 Student Faculty Conference will be held in-person on April 18th in Ramo Auditorium. The Student Faculty Conference (SFC) is an all-day forum discussion between students and faculty. The conference is held biennially as a review of Caltech education. The feedback and suggestions that come out of the SFC shape the future of academics. The process of planning the SFC begins in fall. The undergraduate Academics and Research Committee (ARC) appoints members of SFC Committees, made up of students and faculty. The committees analyze academics and lead a discussion on their findings at the SFC. Each SFC Committee then works to implement their recommendations and feedback concluding in a short report summarizing their work. The special topics this year are The Effects of COVID on Academics and Rethinking Flexibility in the Core Curriculum. The Special Committee Topics in 2021 were Mental Health in Academics and Scientific Writing. In previous years the topics included Honor Code and Option Advising (2019); Computing Education and Core Curriculum (2017); Teaching Innovation and Writing and Communication (2015). Everyone is welcome and no reservations are required. More information can be found on the Caltech SFC and ARC website. Please fill out the SFC surveys sent to your student emails when you have a chance.

The full overview of schedule:

9:45 am - Doors open (Ramo Auditorium)

10:00 am - Opening remarks from President Rosenbaum

10:15 am - Effects of COVID on Caltech Academics

11:15 am - Rethinking Flexibility in the Core Curriculum

12:15 pm - Conclusion of morning session

12:30 - 1:30 pm - Lunch

Afternoon (times vary, ~1 hour each between 1:30pm and 4:00pm) - Option committee talks

The main contributor of the event is the ARC. The ARC is the Academics and Research Committee. We are the academic branch of the Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology (ASCIT). Our goal is to improve the Caltech undergraduate academic experience.