IHC Meeting Minutes (April 9, 2023)

IHC Meeting Minutes (April 9, 2023)

Present: Leo Williams, Aditee Prabhutendolkar, Sophie Elam, Rik Bose, Tomas Wexler, Parul Singh, Andrew Pasco, Emma Isella, Meg Robertson, Randy Ngo

Floor: Luna Brooker

Call to order: 2:06 pm


  • Meeting with Vanessa Tues 12-1

Live transcript

SE: I met with Joe and he approved the Page room switch thing, but they don’t want to go under 34 Bechtel spots – frosh want the option to pre-opt to prevent anxiety, so they want to keep it at 34. But on Friday I got an email from Joe that said admissions is projecting a higher number of incoming students, so 8 more frosh spaces. So that’s the first order of business, is figuring out who wants to take the spots.

TW: We’d love 1 but not two

AdP: We’d love 1, possibly 2, but I don’t know

PS: We can take 2, we only have frosh doubles

RB: We’re at 26 right now and it’s working fine, so beyond just the fact that 28 was what it was pre-covid there’s no motivation to go back to 28

SE: Everyone in favor of giving avery 2 of the 8?

-> no objections

SE: And Ricketts wanted to go back to 20?

MR: 20 works

RN: We’re down to take 30.

TW: If there’s 1 left, Dabney would like to go to 20

SE: So right now, we have 209 beds, so Avery wants to hop up to 36, blacker is at 22, how do we feel about that?

AdP: Our pre-covid number was 23, so if there’s an extra we’ll take it

SE: Sure. Dabney, Fleming?

TW, AnP: we’ll take +1

SE: Ven needs +2 to go back up to 30. Ricketts, do you want 21?

LW: While we wait for Meg, do you know why the North houses are getting a new RLC?

RB: Steven is taking Vanessa’s old job, head of something student-related at ORE, boss of something like all the RLCs?

LW: Meg, do you want an extra frosh?

SE: The new numbres are: Avery at 36, Blacker at 23, Dabney at 20, Fleming at 25, Lloyd 28, Page 26, Rix at 21, Ven at 30

RN: Bechtel?

SE: Bechtel will have 36

AnP: +2 to Bechtel and +8 to the houses. I think it’s just scaling up on frosh

SE: I guess Page is losing frosh, since you’re staying the same while everyone else is going up.

AnP: They’re not losing frosh they rotate, only rooms. The frosh will just go to Bechtel

AnP: Also Rik I have news about PF party. Kinda like not-news but yeah.

RB: I’ve heard nothing

AnP: Apparently it’s our fault, other shit unrelated to PF party but needs to be cleared before PF party

RB: yeah, ok. I think Page is ok with 26 frosh

SE: Meg, are you ok with 21 for Rix?

MR: Can I get back to you on that? I’d like to say yes, but the VPs are saying no

SE: Ok. Really quick, Lloyd interhouse?

LW: Yeah, we ran all 4 hours. We learned from Ven and noise tested. Steven stood at the house that always complains and we did a noise check. We have 2 missing exit signs. One was the exit sign itself put back, one was ripped out of the ceiling.

MR: That’s the one they will charge a shit ton for.

LW: It’s the farthest corner from the party. If y’all hear anything about the exit signs please let me know.

TW: Everything else ok? Toilet-paper holders?
LW: People might’ve been using the construction bathrooms which we haven’t checked.

TW: Why are they closed for construction?

LW: One has urinals off the wall, the other one I don’t know. Only damage I’ve seen is the two exit signs. Everything went well, the only other damage was trash, nothing permanent.

MR: Any noise complaints?
LW: No. Our music wasn’t that loud

AnP: Wild success, then.

LW: No hospitalizations, No Flems climbing up the sides of the stage

MR: The only injury is Meg-induced. I kicked Christian in the face with my stripper heel. I have a radius, you see, if I’m going to be long and sexy-like.

TW: Back to frosh rooms, I just checked, we’re good with 20.

SE: [redacted]

MR: I’m gonna executive decision this, but we’ll take 21. They’ve [the VPs] already made our room pick spreadsheet and they’re just being pissy.

SE: Next thing should be quick. I sent out a form for IHC appointments, ASCIT asked us to wait for revcomm. Pasco, I don’t know about you but I’m desperate to get rid of my position.

AnP: Yeah. Can we see those applicants?

SE: Yeah, in the drive. Do you guys want to be there for interviews or should Emma and I say fuck it we ball?
AnP: Last year interviews were just IHC chair and secretary

PS: Are we missing people for any position?

TW: Just ath man

SE: So we’ll schedule those and try to have a new person in place. I’m thinking let’s try and get food chair, ath man, first.

AnP: Is there anyone we can think to ask for ath man?

SE: Sidd? I’ll draft an email and send it to the messenger that’s just like “ayo be an athman”

SE: So we try to get food comm, ath man, OW, stew chair chosen asap.

AdP: Yes

LB: How many people are running for adcomm?

TW: 5

SE: So if we try to have those interviews this week then at the next meeting on Sunday we can go over how those interviews went and appoint Monday?

EI: I’m gonna be gone Wed-Sun and the IHC retreat is Sunday.

SE: Right, maybe this week I’ll schedule the interviews.

EI: Sounds good.

SE: Something else Katherine said I should talk about is far off but we should have this on our radar. In pre-covid all of the presidents were FCCs and the houses chose FCCs. How do we feel about that?

AdP: Last year they banned IHC from being FCCs.


AnP: We could talk to them and say we’ve turned over a new leaf and it’s helpful for presidents to be good advocates. It’s good for us to be FCCs so we can advocate for the house system. We just don’t want people going to Bechtel.

SE: Y’all are presidents because people like you…

LW: No, Tomas is president because no one ran against him

PS: It’s ok, Tomas, me too

MR: Another reason is it would give us an insight as to what orientation includes for them, so we can include stuff in our house orientations.

TW: What did you say about us picking our own FCCs?

AnP: It would be nice if we had some say

MR: Maybe we could ask who’s interested and help select?

SE: So kinda like how PAs are picked, so we submit the list of people we want from the list of applicants

LW: Does anyone even get rejected from FCC?

AnP: angry abt being rejected from FCC

MR: Bit of IHC lore, Rik and I were great FCC partners

SE: Cool so it’s a good thing to bring up to Vanessa. I feel like if one president is an FCC, all should be?
-> agreement from all

RB: on the topic of the Vanessa meeting, is she just not interested in changing the time?

SE: I thought it’d be better if we brought it up with all of us there. I brought it up at our one-on-one but I think it’s better if all of us are there to advocate for our own schedules. So for this one week can we do it at 12 and then try to change the time?

RB: Sure

TW: Did you hear back from admissions abt the Discotech host training thing? Because it conflicts with both IHC meetings

SE: I emailed, but didn’t hear back. I’ll bump it.

MR: We could ask for a recording?

SE: How many of you guys are hosting?

-> AnP, TW, PS, AdP raise hands

SE: So that is something important, I will bump that. The other thing, is I saw everyone had proposals, thank you. Last I checked though, Venerable did not?

MR: So with the proposals do we need to do anything with them except put them in the drive?

SE: Nope, that’s all

TW: Are we gonna hear back?

SE: Not sure, but better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

AnP: Are we being funded, or is it all just from us?

SE: Just from us for now, but admissions is considering providing some funding

PS: Do we have a number of protofrosh, so we can judge how much food we need?

RB: About 300?

TW: I remember Katherine saying 270

MR: Shouldn’t they have sign-ups by now?

AnP: We said 200-240 on Feb 19th but yeah

MR: [redacted]

SE: If anyone can get a blowtorch for IHC retreat, I think we should do a nacho table

AnP: I have one

MR: We have fire power, we gotchu

SE: The good way to make nachos is to use shredded cheese and put it in the oven, not the liquid cheese

AdP: Seconded. Who uses liquid cheese?

TW: Red door

SE: Another thing, while we’re on the topic of discotech, does anyone have anything else?

TW: Do you know when hosts will be matched with prefrosh?

SE: No, do you want me to ask?

AdP: It’s happening

RB: yeah

MR: yeah they’re going through the list right now

MR: Another thing is Rix needs to do a sound check, so we’re going to do sound check on Wednesday to not ruin other events, so expect Rix to be fucking loud on Wednesday.

RB: So I talked to admissions, the ecosySTEMs people will be at house dinners on Tuesday night. I don’t know how many people, just less than there are on Thursday.

PS: So Tuesday, Thursday house dinners

LW: Was ecosySTEMs a separate signup thing?

RB: I think they’re staying here but they’ve been specially matched. And I talked to admissions and they said between 5:30 and 10 pm on Thursday houses can do whatever they want and admissions will be ok with it.

TW: So basically we can do whatever we want from 5:30 till whenever we have dinner?

RB: Yeah, but no obligation to entertain them before your house dinner

SE: Cool, so the IHC panel is not happening this year and if we want to bring that back in future years we can. IHC rep will go on Thursday during their lunch to talk about what Thursday night mini-rotation and house dinners will look like. Are there any sentiments you’d like me to express?

MR: Don’t pre-opt

SE: Joe said that’s not allowed

PS: Tell them to go to all the events and be kind to their hosts

SE: Anything else you want me to say to the frosh? We don’t bite?

SE: So text me if anything changes. I’ll talk to them about mini rotation to get them ready for fall

SE: Next thing is prepping for the Vanessa meeting. What she’s expecting is she wants to go over her introduction and expectations. She’s gonna want a 1 on 1 with each of you during this term, so come in with dates ready.

MR: Lunch meetings?

SE: I don’t know, I think she said she’d buy you food

SE: For Vanessa, the other thing she wants to talk about is meeting with Kev. For that meeting, any idea what we want to cover? Covid stuff, FCC stuff, anything else?

RB: By covid stuff, you mean housing?

SE: Logistics, what we talked about last time. So we want to talk about COVID stuff and FCC stuff.

PS: Does Kevin know the COVID stuff? Might be better to ask CDS.

SE: Yeah but we want to ask about funding for cleaning supplies, signs to put on doors, etc… was thinking of calling it covid management funding.

MR: Yeah they have a lot of funding for Braun cleaning and such.

SE: Yeah so if we could have that reallocated for you guys that’d be good. I think then with FCC stuff that will fill up the hour.

RB: That’s this Wednesday?

SE: That’s this Wednesday at 12 yeah, I don’t know what they’re doing for food

SE: And then last things last, retreat is Sunday. So at some point, we’ll figure out carpooling and food. Leo’s not going.

TW: I also can’t go, I have to be at JPL at 7:45 am

MR: I can drive you back early, I have a 9 am

EI: Me too :(

SE: Please message me if you have food you want. I’ll go to Costco on Sunday afternoon. Anything else to discuss?

PS: I have silly housing questions that were unanswered in chat. So the early unaffiliated lottery housing, do affiliated and being pulled-in people fill that out too?

SE: I’m supposed to meet with Joe tonight or tomorrow, so I can ask.
PS: So that’s also another question, for round 1 lottery if a suite group has a member who is affiliated and they have the highest pick, does that get used?

AnP: No, you can’t use affiliated pick numbers

PS: So then the only question is do affiliated people have to fill out the form?
TW: Maybe the form has a thing where you list members of your suite who are affiliated?

AnP: It’s closed right now so we can’t check

MR: He said he’d open it on Monday

TW: Odds of them opening lottery numbers on time?

RB: 5%

MR: When are they releasing?

RB: Friday

RN: Did they ever give you the list of double members, Sophie?

SE: No
MR: We need to make sure people haven’t opted into multiple houses’ lotteries.

TW: Do we have a deadline for our lists?

RN: Last year the deadline was the Wednesday before the weekend when people did their picks

EI: If you get me your lists I can make sure no one is on multiple lists.

PS: For associate members who don’t live in the house, does ORE pay? So if they’re in Bechtel and they’re just an Averite does it get paid? And what about off-campus?

RB: Yeah, ORE will cover the $90 as long as the house is their primary

RN: Associate means the second membership, so ORE won’t pay.

PS: Ok

SE: There’s also the room picks justification form, you might have to write one up for your houses. Basically just explaining which house positions have house picks and why.

RB: [redacted]

RB: [redacted]

LB: I know CASS accommodations for room picks have to be approved by housing, how will that work with the new guy in CASS?

SE: I have that in an email, ”The CASS Office will communicate accessibility needs for students directly to the Housing Office, and the Housing Office will work with the student to assign them to housing that meets their needs.”

EI: At the housing meeting, they also said for CASS accommodations other than ESAs you’ll have to use your house pick to get the room you need, and if you don’t get it they’ll hold unaffiliated housing that satisfies your CASS accommodation. For ESA rooms, people who have one will be asked to move if someone else needs it.

SE: Anything else?

RN: So quickly we’d like to go to the frosh rooms, ideally Venerable wants an odd number.

MR: You can take the 1 frosh, my excomm doesn’t want it.

RN: Cool, so we’re at 31

AnP: Is Ven very high on the percentage of frosh now?

TW: Ven is second-highest, same as Lloyd.

AnP: I wish they would realize that we should have frosh in the houses and save Bechtel for the upperclassmen who want it.

TW: Also for the record Page is below pre-covid numbers, Ven is above pre-covid numbers, and everyone is at pre-covid numbers.

MR: Do y’all have precedent about people dropping out of excomm?

AnP: We might have this issue because someone might study abroad

MR: It’s not a vacancy, it’s for soc vps, and they run on a ticket

AnP: In our constitution, it’s just a runoff election

TW: It would suck for the other person for soc vp if they got kicked out

LW: With us, they just told us who they replaced the position with and we were just like ok

PS: It depends on what your constitution says, and how much your house will care if you break it

MR: Rix cares a lot

AdP: I have one update: Blacker Interhovse is getting fucked over. They’re not letting us have the 5/13 date (because it’s back to back with Fleming, Mother’s day weekend, [redacted]). My plan is to see if we can swap BDR and Blacker Interhovse. So have BDR on 4/29 and our interhovse on 6/3. No guarantee that they’ll go for that though.

TW: Me and Aditi have been talking, because it sorta fucks over BDR

RB: Why’d it get moved to begin with?

TW: They want to move Blacker to April 29th, and we want to move BDR to April 29th

MR: What we want is Blacker to fight for June 3 and to have BDR soon, since we weren’t gonna have a stage for that party

LW: Why can’t it be 5/13?

SE: Because it’s back to back with Fleming, Mother’s day weekend, [redacted]

AnP: [redacted]

SE: [redacted]

PS: Why is back-to-back an issue? Last year we had multiple interhouses per day

LB: Yeah, Blacker has the neighbor who complains

MR: When is Fleming?

AnP: It’s May 20th, but we still haven’t gotten anything approved.

LW: [redacted]

AnP: [redacted]

LW: [redacted]

AnP: [redacted]

MR: I learned this last year, but they keep a list of every infraction, and when Rix was on social probation it wasn’t for the glass breaking, it was just because of everything since 2013.

SE: Those mofos have all graduated…

MR: Not trying to make you scared, but just wanted to let you know it’s probably not one thing but a bunch

AnP: I might talk to you about that

MR: We just had to rewrite the house charter. I think every house had one, written a long time ago.

TW: Where is this?

MR: It was unearthed by Felicia. You won’t find it online. You can email for your own house charter if you don’t have access to it. We had to rewrite ours in 2013 when we were disbanded.

SE: Are we cool with calling this adjourned?

Meeting adjourned: 3:08 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Emma Isella

IHC Secretary