BoD Meeting Minutes (April 16, 2023)

BoD Meeting Minutes (April 16, 2023)

ASCIT Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes for April 16, 2023. Taken by Jonathan Booker.

Officers Present: Kavya Rajagopalan, Gabi Twombly, Shwetha, Matticus Brown, Rachel Ding, Jonathan Booker

Floor: Michael Gutierrez

Call to Order: 7:10

Officer’s Reports:

President (Kavya)

  • VPSA Meeting on 4-19
  • We are potentially getting an active advisor. Guutz has been active with the current one.
  • Guutz: A lot of people are discouraged to take the journalism class because it is not a writing intensive.

V.P of Academic Affairs (Twombly)

  • SFC is this this Tuesday. Everyone please attends.
  • There were issues with scheduling rooms, so the new list of rooms is about to be sent out.
  • There have been issues with Faculty ignoring the Vice-Provost’s emails about the SFC.

V.P of Non-Academic Affairs (Sophie)

  • Nothing to Report

Director of Operations (Shwetha)

  • Nothing to Report

Treasurer (Rachel)

  • Dabney interhouse costs have been reimbursed.
  • Scaffolding is still in the SAC.

Social Director (Matticus)

  • Still waiting on the pictures from the formal.
  • We are working on reimbursements for Uber rides from formal.
  • I am talking with the bus company to get some sort of refund for all the issues.
  • I will work on getting OW compensated.

Secretary (Jonathan)

  • Please start on transition guides for your successors so they don’t have to figure out everything from scratch again.

Tech Editor-in-Chief (Michael)

  • We have been making a new work flow to make operations significantly easier.
  • Adobe, Notion, and Discord are our main applications.
  • We have been branching out to social media as well.