Caltech Theater & MACH 33 Presents: The Sunrise From The Moon

Caltech Theater & MACH 33 Presents: The Sunrise From The Moon

“Space, Love, Loss, Jellyfish, and lots of Vanilla Coke”

The Sunrise from the Moon is a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s future revealing that human nature does not change with the passage of time.

Enter Annaliese Gardner, a young woman who has survived a catastrophic collapse of a moon colony and is the sole survivor. She has lived ten years in isolation surviving on books, music and food rations. She is brought back to earth with the hopes of reintegrating her into society…but then things get complicated as it often does when dealing with the human psyche.

The race for the colonization of space continues but what about the race for her heart? This is a story of both the challenges of space exploration and the challenges of inner space. A desperate search for love that dwells within each of us. A search for that beautiful sunrise from our personal moon.

Starring Asmat Kaur Taunque as Annaliese, Skyler Ware as Mina, Matthew Torres as Charlie, Jane Brucker as Calvin, Sahangi Dassanayake as the Reporter

Four shows only!

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