ASCIT Winter Election Results

ASCIT Winter Election Results

VP of Non-Academic Affairs/Interhouse Committee Chair:

Sophie Elam (ESE ‘25, Fleming)

Board of Control Chair:

Terry Huang (CS ‘24, Fleming)

Board of Control Secretary:

Heidi Redmond (ChE ‘24, Venerable) and Rachel Reyes (‘26, Page)

Conduct Review Committee Co-Chair:

Winter Pearson (CNS ‘24, Dabney & Blacker)

The California Tech Editor:

Michael Gutierrez (Ay ‘25, Dabney & Ricketts)

2023-2024 Interhouse Committee


Sophie Elam


Emma Isella (Bi ‘25, Venerable)


Parul Singh (ME ‘24, Avery)

Aditee Prabhutendolkar (CNS ‘24, Blacker)

Tomás Wexler (ME ‘24, Dabney)

Andrew Pasco (ME ‘24, Fleming)

Leo Williams (BE ‘24, Lloyd)

Rik Bose (EE ‘24, Page)

Meg Robertson (GPS ‘24, Ricketts)

Emily Choe (CNS ‘24, Venerable)