Food Review: Red Door Waffle Bar

By Alex Hong | Published 02/04/2021
Food Review: Red Door Waffle Bar
Photo credit: Alex Hong

In the beginning there was nothing. Then Red Door said, “let there be waffles”.

At its start, many people viewed quarantine was a chance for introspection and self-improvement. While those goals may have fallen away as our isolation drags on, one entity in particular has continued to improve and expand its horizons.

Over the past few months, Red Door has been introducing various new menu items, as well as improving upon old ones. There are some new ice cream options (milk shakes, pie shakes, affogato), as well as a couple of new sandwiches (brisket!).

The much-beloved waffle chicken sandwich has been 32%-resurrected in the form of a new waffle bar, with toppings options like Nutella, caramel sauce, fresh berries, and more. While the crispness of the waffle leaves something to be desired, the composition, presentation, and quality of fruit is particularly impressive.

Nothing about the waffle bar is a mistake, except for the decision to put Nutella in a squeeze bottle.

Chocolate/10 would recommend.

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